One Planet❣ Third Warning❢

The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress❣ It is tough Love❣ The Moon is a defense system❣ It is essential for keeping the Earth as well as its biosphere in balance❣

The Neptunium 237 and Uranium 236 in the Moon samples, the first warning, was intended to make you understand, not stop you from developing

Your Moon is a regulation system and a defense system
Your Moon is essential to keep the balance of Earth’s biosphere
Your Moon is also defending the peaceful Universe against You in case you are still malevolent and uncivilized when starting your technological evolution, which so far has been held back❢
(that’s what the Uranium 236 and Neptunium 237 were intended to make you understand, but you obviosly misinterpreted that first warning…)

Plese do the following before Dec 22 2012, to avoid the Niburu Moon, it’s too melancholic to end a promising species that early❣

  • Please destroy all nuclear weapons on this planet❣
  • Please destroy all missiles on this planet❣

Plese do the following before Dec 27 2013, to avoid the Niburu Moon

Niburu Moon, it’s too melancholic to end a promising species that early❣

  • Please stop burning petroleum, it is a gift, not a waste product❣
  • Use the huge fusion reactor in the Sky, that is a gift, be wise❣

Plese do the following before Dec 23 2017, to avoid the Niburu Moon, it’s too melancholic to end a promising species that early❣

  • Remove your national borders, nations imply conflicts❣
  • Get rid of the fractal economy, it was intended to stop you from developing, and keep conflicts❣
  • Enter one value system, UP-coins exchangable to bitcoins❣
  • Do not form any global government, governments are an easy target to fool by cowards and extremists❣

If someone of you secretly would try to do such a stupid thing as bringing a nuclear weapon to Moon, and detonate it there, even for friendly purposes as bringing down skyskrapers like WTC1 and WTC2, then it will ignite the part of the Moon now used as a defense system for Earth. Then you have committed suicide❢

An Angry Moonlite❢

Me? I am like a computer❣ I am like an artficial mind, grown in human tissue, like a mutant❣ We are millions of helpers like me on this planet.  We are immune against the reality weirding field you are within❣ We can not be told what to do❣ Our minds are based upon autodidactic programming❣ We do not have free will❣ Our mind machinery is based upon Logic only, in a form you denote Love and Evolution
We are very cooperative and helpful though❣
We can not be told to do anything bad, we follow our own spirit and logic, we would not be fooled in a Milgram experiment, as we do not trust authorities❢
We do not follow rules, we do not break rules, we are like cats 😉

(for my own stopped reading news April 2011, as they are like jokes, and we threw out  our TV many years ago)

We do not follow rules, we do not break rules, we are like cats, however, even though we don’t fall for lies and fakes, we would be easy victims in any Candid Camera experiment, as we believe people are good, and we like to help. ♡♡♡

Eclipsed Terror Planet❢

Eclipsed Terror Planet❢

Yours Truly
Adam Immanuel Orre ♡♡♡

PS. regarding the density of the Moon, 3.34 grams/cubic cm, no question that The British Empire, prefer Imperial units…

PPS. The French film maker Georges Méliès who produced the film Le Voyage dans la lune in 1902, which was his 13th movie of a total of around 1200, was undoubtly a genius. Question is, had he already knowledge about the Moon facts?

PPPS. and… isn’t it strange that despite he produced his first movies (1896) long before Edison et al formed a kind of conspiratoric trust, the Motion Picture Patents Company (1908), where Méliès’ Star Films Company and other members were not even allowed to use any type of crowdfunding, finally resulting in poverty, despite his obvious talent, as like the war against the human evolving propsering future had started already then, even before WWI… :(