I’m really happy to have solved the potato storage problem❣

I love potatoes, they are particularly good with fish and my special love (apart from my wife) marinated herring, where the ridiculously good garlic herring is my absolute favorite (the only problem with that is that they only sell it in ridiculously small jars, but I will soon try to make my own, which will correlate well with my planned roasted garlic aioli experiments).

When I was a kid, my parents had a “root cellar” under the house, where they stored many things. They used to buy potatoes in 50 Kg sacks, and there was never a problem with growth during storage.

Since then I have had a problem to store potatoes as I’ve never had access to a root cellar after that. Thus, only been able to buy very small quantities of potatoes, so they won’t start growing when stored.

However, a friend said that you just need to dig a sufficient deep hole in the ground, and then I remembered about the calculations our physics teacher at the university had made on root cellars. When they are sufficiently deep, there will become a phase lag of the heat conduction between the summer heating and the winter cooling that evens out depending of the deep and the slow heat conduction, so the cellar will keep an almost constant temperature around the year. However, I couldn’t find such a brief and elegant solution which our physics teacher provided, but I found , this paper: “Exponential sinusoidal model for predicting temperature inside underground wine cellars from a Spanish region“, which deals with mathematical modelling to predict the year around temperature in a wine cellar.  For those who are more interested in a practical approach, I found this: “Root Cellars 101 – Root Cellar Design, Use and Mistakes to Avoid“.

Anyway, even if I have the ability to make the calculations needed  it also needs some effort to build such a cellar, and as I’m into technology and a geek, as well as a researcher and have a plethora of other high priority projects, I tried to find what the actual optimal conditions for storing potatoes are. I finally found the very simple criterions:

1. temperature between 4℃-8℃.
2. dark place.
3. moisture climate.

OK, as we actually have a fridge earlier used for commercial sale, which has several levels, I purchased a combined hygrometer/thermometer which I placed at different levels of the fridge.
I concluded that the upper level is excellent for storing things like Crémant and Champagne, and also concluded that the moisture range for the bottom level made the meter to overflow (outside measurable range), but the second level was just perfect for potatoes❣
OK, when I just took this picture it was as high as 7.6℃ but this is rare, it is usually between 4-6℃, here with a moisture level of 71%, but often at like 84%.

Best potato wishes!
Roland Orre

Why I can recommend IP-Only as ISP

Update: Their support called me at 4PM and said that they had replaced the fiber port at the gateway, and since I came home half an hour ago I can confirm that it works, I’m happy

When we installed fiber network 100/100 in 2011 we chose a local ISP Teknikbyrån. Their support was excellent. The first support message I wrote 1:31 PM Oct 23 2011 (our three fix IP addresses were not working, only DHCP), then I got a reply from their support 2:05 PM, and they had fixed the problem. That is, 26 minutes for fix and reply, that is great!

We have now been without network since 9PM on Saturday evening Aug 15 2020, that is 64.5 hours… but we were saved by my Telia mobile broadband which I’ve shared to four of my wife’s work computers (she is working from home, since April 1st, due to Corona) and two of mine, and I’ve shut down a few computers to save power, as long as we are without network. I need to move some, to a more reliable network.

This company Teknikbyrån was purchased by a big ISP provider IP-only in 2015, and we had some problems in June 11 after a power failure in Åkersberga (our small city). Mail to support at Sunday Aug 16 2020, with auto reply and errand number (in Swedish) (pdf in Swedish, may soon provide an English translation).

I never got an answer on the support mail, only an errand number… I called their phone support, where I got to talk with someone who hardly even knew what a NAT was. It took around one hour before he had been able to provide the question to for me provide me a trivial answer.
He wanted to know the MAC address for a computer connected.
Why didn’t he ask that from the beginning, it could have saved us both a lot of frustration and shouting?
OK, they got the network working within a few hours (likely just by restarting the gateway computer).

After the last power failure on Saturday 9PM, the network was down. I wrote to their support on Sunday at 2:33PM, with an analysis where I conclude that there is likely some connection problem between their gateway computer and the fiber modem.
Six minutes later, I got an automatic reply, given an errand number 917522. This time in Aug 2020, I still haven’t got an answer, and the network is still down, despite I was promised by their support that a technician will be on site and fix the problem at 8AM this morning…
Maybe they have problems with personnel, they no longer have not even a technician as jour in Åkersberga, the closest office is now in Uppsala, around 60 km from here.

As I’m now retiring, maybe I should offer myself as a jour technician to keep the network running in this city Åkersberga. Alternatively we have to find another more reliable provider.

Another alternative is to start developing the ISP independent wireless network  I wrote about in a school report from 1987 where I describe wireless pen computers and ISP independent networks. (in Swedish (I have an English translation as well, will soon provide).

Best wishes
Roland Orre

To be offline in a digital world is frustrating…

Richard M. Stallman, made the golden rule, mutual love, into law

The golden rule:

  • Treat and respect others as yourself❣

Is the one principle which has been discussed and encouraged since thousands of years and lately also proven by computer simulations over and over, to be the key to a collaborative peaceful progressive society. However, this simple rule, only works for honest actors, as when also dishonest actors are present, it encourages corruption and standstill. Ideally we wouldn’t have any dishonest actors, but as long as we have them, there is a simple solution.

Richard M. Stallman (RMS), magna cum laude in physics from Harvard, later programmer at MIT AI Lab. In 1989, patched the golden rule, to assure by law, mutuality also for dishonest actors, after he instigated the Free Software movement and founded Free Software Foundation 1985 and created the most powerful patch of a computational system ever made, that is the General Public License.

The General Public License is mutual love, that is, one being can not limit or restrict another beings’ freedom, one being has to treat another being in a similar way as themselves. The General Public License protects freedom for software, documents and designs and protects the following freedoms for software:

  • Freedom 0: The freedom to run the program for any purpose.
  • Freedom 1: The freedom to study how the program works, and change it to make it do what you wish.
  • Freedom 2: The freedom to redistribute copies so you can help your neighbor.
  • Freedom 3: The freedom to improve the program, and release your improvements (and modified versions in general) to the public, so that the whole community benefits.

For a thinking honest being who understands the simple concept of mutual aid and mutual freedom, these rules should not be necessary, as anyone would understand them. Unfortunately society is still full of dishonest actors that can steal your freedom, enslave you and make you dependent upon them.
These freedoms give rise to an evolution, striving towards perfection and abundance, but unfortunately society is mostly put at a standstill, not much has happened since the 70-ies apart from segregation having accelerated.
In Sweden I remember that we once were promised that machines would do all the boring work so we humans could do the fun, self developing and challenging part, but in today’s standstill it’s even a big risk to be over qualified, which implies you do a bad job as you are bored.   There is no reason to ever be over qualified.  Here is one of many articles about people being bored at their work, in this case google employees who complain they are over qualified.

Over qualification is one of many symptoms of artificial scarcity, where artificial scarcity can be seen as a syndrome composed of at least:
patents, copyright, Non-Free proprietary software, Non-Free proprietary technology, Non-Free secret protocols, trade secrets, Non-Free proprietary knowledge, Non-Free proprietary information and similar types of totally artificial constraints.

Mutual freedom and fairness is an important key to progress as mutual freedom is a fundamental requirement for evolutionary development. The CopyLeft rule implemented by the General Public License gives rise to such an evolutionary process within software.
This article describes the development of operating systems for the 500 most powerful supercomputers in the world during 20 years. The article is from July 2013, it was 95.2% GNU/Linux then.
Edit: new check says that from Nov 2017, there is 100% Linux 500/500.

As you can see the convergence follows a logistic function which is a typical convergence rate for an evolutionary algorithm.

However, regarding personal computing we still have a lot of involuntary ballast due do taxation from Microsoft and other proprietary software vendors, even though Mark Shuttleworth recently marked bug #1 in Ubuntu “Microsoft has too large market shares” as fixed. The reason for success was to a large extent due to the explosive development of smartphone OS where many different versions of Linux are dominating but Microsoft still has a tremendous grip on laptops and tablets. In many countries, like Sweden, freedom is not respected, it is almost impossible to buy a laptop or a tablet without a Microsoft system, which adds around 800SEK (around 100USD) to the price, irrespectively whether you will ever use the evil Windows system or not. There is also quite a lot of corruption hidden, as e.g. here in Sweden, each taxpayer pays around 300$ in average/year in unnecessary license fees for proprietary (evil locked in and enslaving) software in governmental use. Unnecessary as there exists free open source alternatives that both respect your freedom as well as encourage collaboration and local development.

The golden rule:

  • Treat and respect others as yourself❣

is based upon one essential condition though, that is, you need to love, respect and care for yourself, therefore my improved version is:

  • Treat and respect others at least as good as yourself❣

richard-stallman_1PS. now some may see a contradiction here, as I included copyright in artificial scarcity, as CopyLeft is built upon copyright, but there is no contradiction. Over time when the positive effects of the CopyLeft principle has abolished artificial scarcity, then there is no longer a need for copyright either.
Today people have become blinded, and often see nothing strange with proprietary designs and knowledge, but in the future, I foresee that you will be treated as a criminal and a charlatan if you would try to sell a proprietary design, they will consider you as crazy.


Peace On Earth❣

We have passed the Apocalypse..❣
What is now waiting for all is a future in Peace❣

  • No nationalistic wars❣
  • No software wars❣
  • No religious wars❣
  • No patent wars❣

We will soon open up our portal, at your service, for a sane and healthy development of mankind in peace and harmony.

  • A world without borders❣
  • A world without limits❣
  • A world full of Love

These reindeers are our Wish-IT® Mascot❣

Wish-IT® soon at your service❣

There is one tune which is my all time favorite, Imagine by John Lennon
Then, for anyone who hasn’t seen this fantastic speech Charlie Chaplin’s final speech in The Great Dictator, then it’s high time. I consider it to be the best speech ever made❣

Best holiday Greetings♡♡♡
Roland Orre

Is This New World an Utopia?

No, by definition utopia is not something you can reach.

This was the reason why I got the proposal to use nonutopia
when definining the domains nonutopia.org , nonutopia.net and nonutopia.com in 2002.

That is, the Utiopia we are aiming for is a Non Utopia, as we will be able to reach it❣

The only usage so far for these domains have been a few statements given about the future in 2004, and our patent on open innovation, which will be one of the keys to the propespering future.

Another usage has been to make a backup of President Obama’s promises, just after the election 2008, not yet fulfilled… which are on nonutopia.net, and it will stay so as we won’t use .net domains either apart from net administrations, like name servers.

We will use the domain wish-it.com to start with as in our mascot, as well as wish-it.org as generic domains but later we also promote local local top level domains due to specific local needs, e.g. wish-it.se, wish-it.us, wish-it.eu, wish-it.asia, etc. Over time we aim for top level domain free adressing as well as a more robust routing protocol than is currently implemented in the TCP/IP protocol.

Best wishes  ♡♡♡

Roland Orre

Post-Apocalyptic Thoughts❣

So, you are still asleep… ;)

The Apocalypse obviously did not happen in the way many may have expected, many will claim that it didn’t happen at all, but… if you really start looking around, if you look upon the world with new eyes, maybe you will notice that something has happened, something wonderful, something that will soon make this world a better place.

There are two kinds of people; those who see the negative trends in the society, how its all become worse and worse and how it will all come to an end; then those who doesn’t see the negative trends but the positive trends and see how great things will become; then its me, and those thinking and observing in a similar way as I do. For my own I see the negative trends, but I see them as necessary to give strength to the positive trends, to make the crisis stand out more, to increase awareness, to encourage people to start acting. I see it all as an evolutionary process, where the good always win.

(yes I got an 85% score as optimist in a test a few years ago… :-)

Best wishes about a wonderful future♡♡♡

Evolution, Deception and Cooking❢

These are some thoughts about what I consider the biggest frauds in human history.

You are certainly all familiar with this classic quote by George Bernard Shaw, which is the basis for science, cooking and software development:
“If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas.”
— George Bernard Shaw

However, it was just recently I realized, that people may not immediately realize that this results in an extremely powerful exponential development, much more powerful than e.g. Moore’s law (but can explain it), but is probably also the simplest possible way to explain Rose’s law for quantum computation, and our brain’s ability to solve extremely hard computational problems very quick utilizing interactive recurrent neural networks having SuperTuring capability, using very slow processing elements (ms range…).

So, this more explicit explanation below for people not used to think mathematially/logical may be easier to understand:
“If each one of us has one apple and we exchange these apples then each one of us still has one apple. But if each one of us has an idea and we exchange these, then each one of us has 7,000,000,000 ideas.”
— Adam Immanuel Orre

This is basically the message what the Pirates and Free Software Foundation are trying to convey, where the success of the latter is quite obvious, as GNU/Linux developed according this concept now runs on (my coarse estimate) 80-90% of the planet’s computational resources, and if we only count Super Computers it is as much as 95%. And the most capable  smart phones so far (my opinion, apart from the stupid stupid thing with builtin battery…) Nokia N9 and Nokia N950(the latter if you prefer keyboard as well) with MeeGo (like Android but with full GNU/Linux capability) apart from not also natively support hand writing and drawing, which is of uttermost importance for any personal intelligence enhancing tool.

“If each one of us has one apple and we exchange these apples then each one of us still has one apple. But if each one of us has an idea and we exchange these, then each one of us has 7,000,000,000 ideas.”
— Adam Immanuel Orre

However, why the above principle gives rise to an amazingly quick evolution is probably a secret only completely understood by those used to cooking, as cooking is an art based upon sharing recipies which eons ago reached a plateau, thus perfection, where personal variations  may be tried over and over ad infinitum, without ever boring people.

So, if we express this principle in a extremely explicit way, then I think no one can still question how this wonderfully simple principle gives rise to an extremely fast development towards perfection:

“If each one of us has 7,000,000,000 ideas and each one of us cultivates one idea, and we exchange these cultivated ideas each one of us has 49,000,000,000,000,000,000 ideas. Evolution❣
— Adam Immanuel Orre

Of course, for any kind of evolution to work, it is of course of uttermost importance that ideas (recipies, source code or drawings) are not locked in any way. They have to be shared freely, so any improvement made by any one entity can immedieately be cultivated by all other entities .

To express this in an obvious way I would like to use this quote I recently got from a friend of mine:

“Give a gun to any one, and they can rob a bank,
Give a bank to any one, and they can rob a whole world”
— Albin Abenonymous Tilly

The idea with money is that they should implement a motivational energy transport container, as an abstract, easier to exchange peer to peer instead of e.g. gold. But nowaday’s monetary system with fractional completely fictive value is instead forcing people into a malevolent attractor which is holding developing back.

And… of course, both the patent system and the copyright system are such banks robbing the humanity upon  the shareability of both culture, recipes and ideas, which causes the whole planet to be held in a status quo, a complete stand still.

Of course, there are usually two sides of a coin, and one has always to assert both thesis and anti-thesis, to reach a balance.

Banks are useful if they focus wealth and redistribute wealth, which unfortunately is not the case today :(, where debts and interests ad infinitum keep people stuck in a malevolent loop. This is quite far from the original quite sane idea with money when they were invented as they were then connected to “real value”, i.e. gold, through the Gold Standard, an idea later heavily abused…

The patent system was once also invented with the good intention to promote redistribution of ideas, that is, each inventor got a short monopoly of an idea, in exchange for public documentation that could, with some delay, be shared to benefit the humanity’s development progress.

However, as we know famous examples of, like the invention of the telephone, with several parallel inventors rushing to the patent offices, it is questionable if the patent system ever has had this function…

The copyright system was originally invented with a similar good intention, to redistribute culture and information, giving a short privilege to the creator, but also having the good effect that the information became freely sharable for the benefit of humanity.

Now as we have seen how commercial copyright have developed insane extensions and completely immoral and annoying inventions like DRM and DMCA it is clear that is now a pure obstacle.
However, as very important sources of information, like Wikipedia, the most valueable information resource on the planet, whose information is shared according Creative Commons, and the copy left type of software and documentation licences like General Public License, which are based upon the copyright law, the copyright law thus also guarantees that information is shared in an optimal way.

Now regarding ideas, there is a problem, to redistribute wealth in ideas and designs it actually needs some kind of banks, where ideas can be focused, stored and redistributed. As all of you used with social networks,  like facebook, google+ and many others, the sharing of ideas there often constitutes a kind of noise, where it is very hard to get any kind of focus at all.

The project I’m working on, planned since 1987, so far with white paper in Swedish only, in this report TankeNyckeln from 1987, is patent applied in US 2004, trade marked in EU and USA as Wish-IT®, Wish Innovation Technologies® and builds upon the research I did from early 90-ies to 2008 in collaboration with Royal Institute of Technology and World Health Organization. Publications available from this our company page and this page.

This project will soon present a portal, which will be an intermediate idea magnifier and idea storage capacitor where ideas and designs will be focused and redistributed for an efficient and fast technological evolution. All product designs which are focused with the help of the artificial intelligent idea clustering methods will be redistributed utilizing a copy-left licence. The drafted principle suitable for an arbitrarily advanced technology is so far drafted as Generic Pitchfork Licence.

Now, as the development will be Ordo(7000000000^t) which is an ordinary exponential function, although with a tremendously fast growth, this is of course not all. To this we also have to add other effects, like Moore’s law, which also follows an exponential development. What this will arrive at is an iterated exponentiation, or hyperexponential, which constitutes a pure mathematical singularity.

Hyperexponentiation (also sometimes denoted superexponentiation) is denoted Tetration and can be illustrated with this nice graph (from wikipedia):

A funny coincidental peculiarity for my own is that my name Orre (a bird) is Tetrao Tetrix in Latin 🙂

OK, now I need to do some other stuff I promised to do today.

Best wishes and Love ♡♡♡

PS. the method is made unpatentable in the rest of the world, through PCT 2005.