Description of who Roland Orre is, for C-nomination.

I’m a man of 66 years, married, have two kids. Born in Östersund, started my career with a few summer jobs at a couple of radio/TV repair shops (where some denote them “workshops” in English… strange as workshop for me is an interactive seminar..), later worked with plastic and transport (within the same company) before I started my studies (MSc Engineering Physics) in Uppsala 1977. Then I worked as a system/software developer at ASEA/ABB from 1982 to the early 90’s (the two last years 50/50). I have studied Artificial Intelligence and have a PhD from 2003 in computer science at KTH from the early 90’s which I started full time 1992, where I have also teached, and over time (1996), became a research consultant for WHO (World Health Organization), where I first within an individual company, which was converted to an AB (Swedish) or Ltd (English) in 2004, have developed the fundamental neuro-statistical methods which have been used by WHO since 1998 to catch adverse drugs or vaccine side effects at an early post market stage. One of my degree (for MSc) workers, later employed, is since many years the research leader of Uppsala Monitoring Center (a WHO org).
I have also worked as a teacher in Java, web programming, Linux, operating systems, networking as well as power electronics, mathematics, Microsoft office (although I ran open office 😉 at Solna gymnasium between 2008 to 2011.

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