What Roland Orre wants to do, as a C-nominated.

Presentation of myself is here.
Swedish version of this here.
What is important for me / Issues / Policy area?
Energy, IT, healthcare, school, technology and transport infrastructure.


  • More efficient energy use, with a vision towards totally fossil-free and uranium-free solutions.
  • More efficient use of solar energy, in particular CSP (concentrated solar power) and improved storage.


  • strive for an open free information infrastructure, i.e. open source, open standards, no software patents nor proprietary software.
  • In the long run, abolish the patent system, as it hinders free innovation.
  • The right to repair! Repairing can be very difficult today due to the fact that it is difficult to obtain both relevant documentation and spare parts.
  • Strive for open hardware, as well as open source software.

Health care:

  • Local hospitals and emergency rooms (we live in a city of 46,000 inhabitants and we have 30 km to our “emergency room”…)
  • Better dental care insurance, dental care is too crazily expensive today.


  • reintroduce the grades at an earlier stage.
  • ensure that students are allowed to work with studies instead of using drugs.
  • encourage various special interests at an early stage, to get the students to acquire creative hobbies.


  • Cheaper and more efficient methods of building houses.
  • Strive for open free competition that prevents extremely high prices for new production and rents.
  • Strive for better quality of products, today many products are completely substandard, with a totally unsustainable design.

Transport infrastructure:

  • Hyper-fast trains that reuse energy with a view towards trans-European express with the vision towards trans-Atlantic and trans-Oceanic express.
  • Car trains! Away with the energy-inefficient cars from the roads on the long distances!
  • More train lines, such as hyperloop for local traffic, and maglev for longer distances. away with long-distance freight transport from the roads.

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