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Once upon a time, on a green planet, Terra Firma, also named Earth, the population was enslaved and locked down, by a mean vector field, which held the whole planet's population at a non progressive standstill with poverty, wars, segregation and criminality as adverse effects, until 2016-04-17, according their commonly used Gregorian/Julian calendar at that time. After this date the population started to wake up.

This mean vector field was introduced and maintained by the flawed system of motivation, value exchange and resource allocation in use at that time. This system's self organzing negative feedback inducing features in combination with the population's mostly irrational behavior assured the lock-in being maintained ad infinitum without progress.

One of the planet's early well known economists, Adam Smith, had actually realized these lock-ins and monopolizing effects already in the 18th century, long before matrix attractor dynamics and mean field theory, tools usually necessary to understand these phenomenons, were invented.

The main malovent effects induced by the artificial scarcity were grounding, greed, conflict inducing borders, as well as wars and criminality. The grounding due to artificial scarcity implied that the population was locked down to the planet's surface, unable to safely reach and explore space before the post scarcity society was reached.

After the population had awaken, and realized what they were doing, they understood that they no longer needed governments. The planet became free, without borders and limits, without wars and criminality, without poverty and segregation. A left libertarian paradise.

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  • Any self aware entity may be a Citizen or an Anonymous.
  • A self aware entity staying and living at a specific location in time or space, is a Citizen.
  • A Citizen on the move, to explore or assist other Citizens or Anonymous is an Anonymous.
  • When an Anonymous arrives to a community of Citizens, an Anonymous will be considered a Citizen.
  • This document defines responsibilities and rights for Citizens and Anonymous.
Article 1.
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  • Any entity is born free without responsibilities. Any entity which becomes self aware within a community turns into a Citizen and any entity which becomes self aware on its own turns into an Anonymous.
Article 2.
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  • A Citizen or an Anonymous may have any shape or appearance and has a free mind.
Article 3.
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  • All Citizens have freedoms and responsibilities to their communities and to Anonymous.
  • All Anonymous have freedoms and responsibilities when they enter a Citizen community.
Article 4.
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  • Treat, love and respect other entities, at least as good as yourself ❣
  • If you treat someone worse than yourself, you are an offender ❢
  • Someone being an offender needs help and love, if help and love does not help, the being may need to be given an identity and temporary be excluded from the community.
Article 5.
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  • A Citizen can not enslave another Citizen nor Anonymous neither physical, immaterial nor mindwise. An Anonymous can not enslave another Citizen nor Anonymous neither physical, immaterial nor mindwise.
  • Any Citizen or Anonymous which uses offensive violence, torture or abusive lock-in, in physical, immaterial or mental form will immediately get an Identity and be excluded from the community
Article 6.
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  • No one will be asked for or given an Identity as long as they are behaving in a respectable and responsible way towards the community.
Article 7.
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  • All entities within a community are equal before the community law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law. All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination.
Article 8.
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  • No one will be given an Identity and excluded from a community without a competent community tribunal composed of a set of randomly selected elderly parts of the community as jury. Anyone can volunteer to defend the one being asked for an Identity.
Article 9.
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  • No one shall be subjected to arbitrary detention, given an Identity or exile.
Article 10.
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  • Everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal, in the determination of the entity's rights and obligations regarding a charge which could cause an Identity to be given.
Article 11.
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  • (1) Everyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to community law in a public trial at which the entity has had all the guarantees necessary for its defence, by anyone willing to volunteer as a defendant.
  • (2) An offender should get help, love, care and understanding. Those who have done something bad, are those who need to be loved the most.
Article 12.
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  • No entity shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with their privacy, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon their honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the community law against such interference or attacks.
Article 13.
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  • Everyone is free to leave a Citizen community and become an Anonymous.
Article 14.
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  • Every Anonymous is free to enter a Citizen community and be welcomed by the community. The Citizen community and the Anonymous have a mutual responsibility to respect and care for each other, to share food, housing, knowledge, ideas and work.
Article 15.
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  • (1) An Identity given may not be communicated to other communities, except for cases when the offence causing the Identity to be given is so severe that other communities may be at risk, not knowing the Identity.
  • (2) As soon as a specific time has passed, every track of an Identity will be erased, and the entity become a full Citizen or Anonymous again.
Article 16.
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  • Any two or more entities, despite their origin, shape or view, may share themselves in a holy ceremony of their preferred choice, to make them be considered a new entity.
Article 17.
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  • (1) Everyone being part of a community, has the responsibility to care for making room for a new entity wanting to become a member of the community.
  • (2) No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of the room made for their entity.
Article 18.
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  • Everyone has a free mind and can have whatever ideas and views and no other entity can infringe upon or limit this freedom, it is absolute.
Article 19.
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  • Everyone has the freedom to express their views in any form of communication, however, the communication has to be respectful towards other entities' minds and views.
  • An intelligent conscious being may in principle not be able to be offended nor be offensive towards someone else in person, but if anyone purposefully offends another entity in a way which they wouldn't accept themselves, they may be given an identity and be excluded from the community, for a short period of time, but not without a tribunal.
Article 20.
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  • (1) Everyone has full freedom of peaceful assembly and association.
  • (2) No one may be compelled to belong to an association apart from the mutual responsibility of every member to participate in the management of their community.
Article 21.
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  • (1) Everyone is free to participate in the management of their community, but the participation is only mandatory for those areas where the entity consider themselves to have useful capabilities.
  • (2) Everyone has the responsibility to share the common resources of the community in a responsible and moderate way.
  • (3) The common spirit of the community should be respected and if any entity of the community has views which are in conflict with the common spirit, it's a responsibility of the entity to openly express this view. No hidden agendas are allowed within the community.
Article 22.
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  • Everyone, as a member of a community, has a responsibility to care for and respect every other member of the community in such a way that anyone's disabilites or handicaps are compensated for in a responsible way so everyone can keep their dignity and integrity despite what physical, mental or intellectual limitations which may limit their abilities to share their responsibilities towards other members of the community.
Article 23.
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  • (1) Everyone, either a Citizen within the community or an Anonymous visitor are free to care for the community in the way they consider themselves most useful and where their own talents and interests constitute their best way to develop themselves and improve the conditions within the community as long as it does not conflict with the common spirit of the community in a harmful way.
  • (2) Noone, without any discrimination has the right to deliberately counteract the common spirit of the community in such a way that it may harm the community or impose an irreponsible risk to become a burden for the other members of the community.
Article 24.
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  • Everyone is free to rest and leisure or play to amuse themselves when they are tired or bored as long as this is done in a responsible way which does not abuse this freedom. A member of the community can under such abusive conditions be excluded from the community.
Article 25.
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  • (1) Everyone is free to live their life within the community in the way they prefer, as long as this does not impose an infringement or conflict towards their responsibility to share their abilities with other members of the community.
  • (2) Members of the community who feel specific responsibilities towards other members of the community who are in need of extra care are free to express this according their wish.
Article 26.
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  • (1) Everyone is free to educate themselves, or ask other members of the community to be their mentors. A mentor have responsibilities to care for certain basic abilities to be developed which are necessary to be able to efficiently express themselves and to understand how to best develop their skills in the way they prefer. Communication abilities have a high priority to enable any young Citizen to efficiently communicate with other Citizens and with Anonymous. The social life and related sciences and skills also have a high priority as every Citizen need to understand basic ethical values and what it implies to be a responsible Citizen.
  • (2) If anyone show a high preference to educate themselves, do research or to gain skills which may be harmful, aggressive or be doubtful from an ethical point of view, it's their mentor's responsibility to communicate this worry to the student, or to the student's other mentors.
  • (3) Education of an individual community Citizen or an Anonymous guest is a process without end and something where a predetermined goal can not be specified other than to provide the student with universal values and tools to guide the student into becoming a god like being to understand the uttermost importance of:
    1. Honesty: there is no higher value than truth and honesty.
    2. Peace: there is no more valued property than peace and harmony.
    3. Curiosity: there is no higher motivation than curiosity and helpfulness.
  • (4) There are no members of a Citizen community or an Anonymous guest with any more rights to be the student's prioritized mentors in any way. Those who consider themselves best suitable for the honourable job should do their best to be noticed by the student. This is mutual responsibility by the mentor and the student. No one will ever command a student to be educated by a non desireable mentor or command a potential mentor to guide a non desireable student. It's a selection process where only the best ones fit for the job as a student or as a mentor, can win.
  • (5) For students with very special needs that no one in a Citizen community can succeed to be attracted by, there is no hurry, there will always come an Anonymous with more wisdom and patience some day to the community who may have those properties the student needs, who can be selected by the student in need.
  • (6) A mentor do not have the right to refuse a request from a student to become their mentor, for no other reason than having too many students already.
  • (7) A student is free to choose as many mentors as the student want but it's the already chosen mentors' responsibility to not encourage an excess of this.
Article 27.
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  • (1) Everyone is free to share any work they do with other entities, no one can impose restrictions upon this freedom.
  • (2) Everyone is free to utilize any work done by any entity and continue improving upon this work beyond imagination.
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The system we build is contained in a single ethical premise:
no being may obtain or restrict any values from others by resorting to any kind of force or immaterial lock-in,
whereas no freedom can exist without the joyful responsibility to translate one's skills into reality
❥ to think, to play and to share the results
❥ which implies: to have fun.
Roland Orre

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