Regarding Radiotjänst and computer tax❢

Update: This post is now irrelevant. Radiotjänst has now become sane again and does not punish people who do not watch TV with a regressive tax on computers.  We have got our money back (two invoices).

Below is one relevant link (in Swedish) (here a link to translation):
Radiotjänst kovänder – betalar tillbaka
The previous title on this post was: Please die ASAP Radi-otjänst❢
I was to the dentist in the morning. In the waiting room there was a big TV screen I turned it off immediately❢❢❢
FYI: Radi-otjänst is the name of the demonic Swedish terror orga-nazi-tion responsible for collecting fees for “public service TV”. They have introduced a very interesting business model, which now generates pure hate and disgust. I consider it sufficient that our neighbors on the other side of the street have a TV screen which is terrorising us as we can see it, but now also Radi-otjänst has started a terror by introducing an internet tax or merely computer tax of the worst kind, a regressive tax!

Please die ASAP Radi-otjänst❢❢❢ or change your evil misinterpretation of the “public service” law. We do not have any machines capable of receiving TV programs, and our company network filters out all such shit❢❢❢
TV is great as a crowd financed thing, for those who like it, but when they start using force and terror to enforce penalty fees for computers, than the old Swedish term “dumburken” (stupefying can) becomes a pleonastic but insufficient (as it is now also hate introducing) truism.

Please, if some of you invite me home, be respectful, to not make me furious and mad, take care to turn off any TV at once, otherwise I will leave immedieatly due to pure self respect!

2 § En TV-mottagare är en sådan teknisk utrustning som är avsedd att ta emot utsändning eller vidaresändning av TV- program, även om utrustningen också kan användas för annat ändamål.

or in English (funny, neither google trans nor bing translate support that link)
2 § A TV tuner is a technical equipment which is designed to receive broadcasting or retransmission of television programs, even if the equipment can also be used for other purposes.

The correct intepretation of the law is machines dedicated for receiving TV, but Radi-otjänst has turned this interpretation upside down. A computer is a tool, not a TV-set. What Radi-otjänst has done as a suicidal action is to interpret the law of public service TV in a completely absurd way.

Radi-otjänst has to be terminated ASAP!
It is not acceptable that a “public service” organisation start behaving as a terror organazition.

By introducing a fix penatly fee on computers, irrespectively whether you are using SVT services or not, then Radi-otjänst has passed the limit of what is acceptable, this is pure fascistic evilness. The staff at Radi-otjänst may not even be aware about the evilness of their actions, in a similar way as Adolph Eichmann seemed to not be aware about the evilness in murdering jews by just “following orders” as was found by the philosopher Hannah Arendth in this book Eichmannn in Jerusalem

Eichmann_in_Jerusalem_book_coverI consider it to be every thinking beings responsibility to act against fascism and evilness, to oppose any kind of infringments of your freedom and attempts to force you to do things you do not want to do.

Let us all pray for Radi-otjänst and their banal evilness to be terminated ASAP, in the similar way as the first born kids of every Egyptian family was killed by God, when Pharao refused Moses and the slaves to exit from Egypt into freedom.


PS. the fact is that I have never been able to understand and accept the actions by God in Exodus. A God behaving like that can not be an almighty loving God. However, Radi-otjänst has made me understand this God, and I hope that God will act in a similar way to Radi-otjänst, and every entity in this world who is trying to diminsh and infringe other people’s freedom and charge them for things and services they do not want nor use.

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