Revelation 24❣

An Advent Calender doesn’t need to be monotonic. I now intend to reveal what will be behind the 24th of Dec: World Peace❣

The planet will become a friendly civilized planet, this is also extremly easy to implement,  it’s just to stop fighting, it’s completely free, nothing to argue about.

Then regarding the Singularity and the technological evolution that will soon take off for real, as I described in my contribution from the 17th of Nov, resulting in a friendly civilized planet, full of Love with humans that can think and stand on their own, no longer being victims of deceivers.

I’ll describe this in detail soon, first by filling in more than titles in the previous contributions during December, but we will also soon open  our portal, that will take you to the future. When I started planning this project, it started with a school paper in 1987, TankeNyckeln, (Mind Lever, Thinking Spanner, Ajatus Avain, or Ajatus Jokuavain) , here a non-Scribd link This school paper described the society’s technical and social evolution from 1987 to 2037, but in two steps. The first step was to 2012, where the first 25 years have been tremendously exact, despite all attempts to destroy the development from many directions, like trying to control internet, information and knowledge, secret protocols, patents in absurdum and dystopic laws like DMCA.

However, against a super exponential development, as earlier described, nothing can no longer hold it back, the good forces are too strong, the development process during 25 years from now to 2037, will be so mind boggling, so beautiful, so dizzying, so flourishing, that when you finally arrive to the future, it will be like waking up from a dream, where the current past was just like a night mare, a really bad one, when the present dystopia will be quickly dissolved and forgotten, like any bad dream usually do. But…, your awakening will be fantastic❣

I’ll soon provide you the whole report in English and a few other languages, but I’ll present the end visions here, which start at page 61 in the Swedish scanned version I linked to above.

4.1 Introduction
We are “writing” anno 2037. It has passed one century since Konrad Zuse constructed the first electromechanical digital calculator whose fundamentally simple principle made the computer, the most wonderful invention by mankind, possible.

Probably the society would have existed still even without computers, but no-one is longer sure about this.

During the previous century the humanity was suffering from a lot of problems that today only exists in the historic data bases.

Here are mentioned such irregularities as starvation, drug abuse, apartheid, environmental pollution and destruction, bureaucracy, educational problems, unemployment and the ubiquitous threat that a leader from one of that era’s “countries” would choose to solve a conflict with non peaceful means. Word like “VIOLENCE” and “WAR” were common at this time.

Today most elderly people have usually repressed that these problems have ever existed. There are many people of the young generation that during their primary education refuse to believe that we have ever behaved like that. However, it often happens that some of the younger persuade someone with associations left from this time to narrate about that era’s horror and foolishness.

The technical and psychosocial development has only during the last 50 years changed the society by enhancing the good properties of mankind to such great an extent that as late as 1970-1990 it was hardly possible for anyone to imagine what will come. During this epoch there were even people that had lost their beliefs in both technology and humanity.

4.2 Technical development
Computer technology first developed quite slowly and didn’t became wide spread. Due to the invention of the “micro processor” 1971 a lot of new toys were designed the next 20 years under the name “computers”. However, most of these designs were suffering from so many defects and imperfections that they were not worth to be denoted “computer”. It was not these that should make the human culture move forward. In the late 80-ies there were many, among others a young engineer in the place denoted “Sweden” that noticed that the development and the society were heading into a cul-de-sac a deadlock, which it could take very long time for the society to get out from, if ever.

He therefore designed the “TankeNyckeln” (Mind Lever, Thinking Key, Thinking Spanner).
This rather simple tool combined what was this era’s best technology regarding speed, generality, portability, input and presentation technology with what all other similar computers missed: communcation!

The TankeNyckeln became a success, it was already from the beginning so simple and general, that it during long time couldn’t be improved in many other ways than becoming faster, more energy efficient and more cost efficient.

From the early beginning it had a suitable size to be easy to work with by holding it in one hand. After some time when presentation technology improved it could also be worn around the neck with the “display chips” in a kind of glasses.

Since long one had within the area of micro biology mastered the technology to achieve synaptic contact between electronic and optic circuits with nerve cells. The foundations for this was established in 1987 when some researchers succeeded to grow nerves together with silicon cells. Thanks to this, and due to the fact that the circuits now started to become so energy efficient that they could get their power supply directly from the human body, many use to implant their TankeNyckel under the skin. To “see” has during later years become a word with very various meanings.

These Thinking Spanners started already from 1998 to be delivered as development assistents to the developmental areas of the planet. 2012 also every humans right to CPU power and communcation was added to United Nation’s declaration of human rights.

Most homes today have optical communication channels around 10 Gigabit/s, there is also a stationary computer to distribute this information locally. In those day’s terms these local computers would have a computational efficiency of around 10-100 TIPS (Tera Instructions per second).

The old day’s computer screens and loud speakers are nowadays mostly seen on muséeums and with nostalgic collectors. Picture and sound can now be delivered with an earlier completely unsurpassed brilliance and lack of distorsion, by skipping the earlier analogue part of the transmission. The experience is now conveyed to the brain without going through eye receptors and hearing nerves. It may be superfluous to mention but concepts as “blindness” and deafness are no longer used.

An interesting detail about the fixed installed computational power is that every human being at any moment is guaranteed around 1/(8*10^9) of this power, thanks to TOS (Terrestrial Operative System), but can also whenever suitable, achieve up to 50% of this computer power for computer simulations with high demands.

4.3 Psychosocial development
Most people have today no clear interpretation of the difference between work and spare time. Most of the people today would with old terms be seen as Jack-of-all-trades skilled in many arts.

Today no one suffer from ignorance, any one who doesn’t find what they are looking for in some context in their own memory, are, most often unconsciously, looking up this in their TankeNyckel’s data base of all human knowledge, which is a growing all the time, as so large part of the humanity is now aiming their time to some kind of resarch project.

All people in the world can now socialize without need to care about what language they are using. Most people master some of the accepted global languages which have evolved. The language doesn’t matter much apart from in very emotional situations. Two people who are discussing with each other through each one’s TankeNyckel usually don’t notice that the speech is simultaneously interpreted and translated. Each person can hear an almost perfect synthesis of the other person’s voice, modulated with the mood or spirit the other person feel at that moment.

4.4 Transport
Old time cars are nowadays not used for transport, they are mostly considered as curiosities by collectors. When somebody decides to travel somewhere it takes between one half to five minutes before the vehicle show up after the desired trip has been “thought” or decided.

PersonConts, these small capsules that exist in a lot of different sizes for e.g. 1-8 persons, have an enormous comfort and allow people to move between different places on Earth tremendously fast.

The transportation system works like an energy pendulum. When travelling for instance over the Atlantic Sea, the capsule is accelerated half way electromagnetically in a vacuum tunnel, the other half of the time it is decelerating and works as a generator (implying that the actual energy used is close to zero).

Flying and boat traffic exists but is no longer used as transportation within the atmosphere. For heavier transports are often airships used. To communicate between the space stations and the research bases on the Moon are also a form of the energy pendulum used, but then with somewhat stronger capsules. From some of the highest mountains on Earth, these tunnels are leading out into space.

4.5 Produktion
The total production machinery of Earth now consists of an almost maintenance free machinery, which is so flexible that any stockrooms are no longer needed.

Anyone who needs a specific part or product be manufactured, just formulates their need through their TankeNyckel whereupon the part will be produced in the most suitable manufacturing facility concerning degree of difficulty, distance and how quick it need to be ready. If some part needed is not possible to manufacture with the current manufacturing resources an analysis is made which manufacturing facility is most suitable to upgrade for production of the required part or product.

4.6 Computer Science development
Here is an approximate summary of the development within programming methodology during the last 50 years, presented as “generations”.

3rd: Generic languages with high degree of freedom, like LISP, SETL etc.

4th: Logical and data base languages like Prolog, Mapper, OPS5 etc. Expert aids as e.g. Macsyma.

5th: In principal high performance logical languages with high capabilities for parallelism, easy to use user interfaces and large content of so called AI.

6th: The logical languages have now developed to treat also uncertain facts, rules and associations. A property like intuition can be formulated.

7th: Distributed operative systems and architectures for optimal parallel processing. Concepts like TOS (Terrestrial Operative System) and TVM (Terrestrial Virtual Memory) are being defined.

8th: Problem formulations and hypothesis testing can now be made by directly relating facts, hypotheses and theories within TVM.

9th: The delicate improvements in the communication between man and TOS (Terrestrial Operating System) has implied that you can now work at an abstraction level which approaches the border of human fantasy. A problem or a solution that earlier has been almost impossible to reason about abstractly, can now be formulated through small hints by “thinking” as close to the problem as you can. The final formalization of the problem is obtained by automatic or “manual” correlation between all possible and many impossible formalizations until sufficient significance has been reached.

4.7 Conclusion
The engineer who made the first TankeNyckel is now working with age related research, his comment: “When we have come this far during the last 100 years, who do then want to miss the next 1000 years.

I denoted today’s contribution a revelation, but it was in fact a revelation from more than one perspective, before I finished this report by writing this visionary part above I had one evening during March 1987 seen a 2×2 m projection on an inner wall at home during around 3 minutes, under heavy convulsions and cold sweat. I did not understood what I had seen, it looked like a portal, and a fantastic city, but it was just recently I recognized it, it was the front page of Keith Curtis book After the Software Wars, which was released a couple of years ago. I asked Keith who had made the wonderful picture, and he said Nils Seifert, this picture, titled Metropolis 2208, also made perfect sense, as Metropolis also was the name of the fantastic movie Metropolis, by Fritz Lang, from 1927, which exactly describes the dystopic state of the world today, where advanced technology is used to control and supervise people, instead of helping people making progress.

Front page to Keith Curtis' book After The Software Wars

Front page to Keith Curtis’ book After The Software Wars

It was also this which later inspired me to start my PhD program, and after many years as a researcher and a research consultant I realized how to implement this 9th generation programming language , and the implementation of this is what I’m working on now, soon to be released as a portal, a portal to take humanity to the future, to a real civilized state, in peace and progress.

Best wishes ♡♡♡
Roland Orrre

PS. the only personal computer so far, which has been released and quickly withdrawn…, which would correspond to the concept of TankeNyckeln is Apple’s Newton from 1992, but of some reason Steve Jobs killed it, despite Apple is probably sitting on the largest resource on the planet for user independent hand writing…

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