What Roland Orre wants to do, as a C-nominated.

Presentation of myself is here.
Swedish version of this here.
What is important for me / Issues / Policy area?
Energy, IT, healthcare, school, technology and transport infrastructure.


  • More efficient energy use, with a vision towards totally fossil-free and uranium-free solutions.
  • More efficient use of solar energy, in particular CSP (concentrated solar power) and improved storage.


  • strive for an open free information infrastructure, i.e. open source, open standards, no software patents nor proprietary software.
  • In the long run, abolish the patent system, as it hinders free innovation.
  • The right to repair! Repairing can be very difficult today due to the fact that it is difficult to obtain both relevant documentation and spare parts.
  • Strive for open hardware, as well as open source software.

Health care:

  • Local hospitals and emergency rooms (we live in a city of 46,000 inhabitants and we have 30 km to our “emergency room”…)
  • Better dental care insurance, dental care is too crazily expensive today.


  • reintroduce the grades at an earlier stage.
  • ensure that students are allowed to work with studies instead of using drugs.
  • encourage various special interests at an early stage, to get the students to acquire creative hobbies.


  • Cheaper and more efficient methods of building houses.
  • Strive for open free competition that prevents extremely high prices for new production and rents.
  • Strive for better quality of products, today many products are completely substandard, with a totally unsustainable design.

Transport infrastructure:

  • Hyper-fast trains that reuse energy with a view towards trans-European express with the vision towards trans-Atlantic and trans-Oceanic express.
  • Car trains! Away with the energy-inefficient cars from the roads on the long distances!
  • More train lines, such as hyperloop for local traffic, and maglev for longer distances. away with long-distance freight transport from the roads.

Vad Roland Orre vill göra, som en C-nominerad.

Vem jag är, är kort beskrivet här.
English version of this, here.

Vad är viktigt för mig/Sakfrågor/Politikområde?
Energi, IT, vård, skola, teknik och transportinfrastruktur.


  • Effektivare energianvändning, med sikte på fossil-fria och uran-fria lösningar.
  • Effektivare utnyttjande av solenergi ffa CSP (concentrated solar power) och förbättrad lagring.


  • sträva efter en öppen fri informations-infrastruktur, dvs
    öppen källkod, öppna standarder, inga mjukvarupatent eller proprietär programvara.
  • På sikt avskaffa patentsystemet, då det hindrar fri innovation.
  • Rätt till att reparera! Att reparera kan vara mycket svårt idag pga av att det är svårt att få tag på både relevant dokumentation och reservdelar.
  • Sträva mot öppen hårdvara, likväl som öppen mjukvara.


  • Närsjukhus och närakuter (vi bor i en stad på 46000 invånare och vi har 30 km till vår “närakut”…)
  • Bättre tandvårdsförsäkringar, tandvården är på tok för dyr.


  • återinför betygen på tidigare stadium.
  • se till att eleverna får jobba med studier istället för att använda droger.
  • uppmuntra olika specialintressen på ett tidigt stadium, för att få folk att skaffa kreativa hobbies.


  • Billigare och effektivare metoder för att bygga hus.
  • Sträva efter en öppen fri konkurrens som förhindrar extremt höga priser på nyproduktion och hyror.
  • Sträva efter bättre kvalitet på produkter, idag är många produkter helt undermåliga, med en ej hållbar, design.


  • Hypersnabbtåg som återanvänder energi med sikte på trans-European express med visionen mot trans-Atlantic och trans-Oceanic express.
  • Biltåg, bort med de energi-ineffektiva bilarna från vägarna på långsträckorna.
  • Fler tåglinjer, typ hyperloop för närtrafiken, och maglev för längre sträckor. Bort med långdistans godstransport från vägarna.

Description of who Roland Orre is, for C-nomination.

I’m a man of 66 years, married, have two kids. Born in Östersund, started my career with a few summer jobs at a couple of radio/TV repair shops (where some denote them “workshops” in English… strange as workshop for me is an interactive seminar..), later worked with plastic and transport (within the same company) before I started my studies (MSc Engineering Physics) in Uppsala 1977. Then I worked as a system/software developer at ASEA/ABB from 1982 to the early 90’s (the two last years 50/50). I have studied Artificial Intelligence and have a PhD from 2003 in computer science at KTH from the early 90’s which I started full time 1992, where I have also teached, and over time (1996), became a research consultant for WHO (World Health Organization), where I first within an individual company, which was converted to an AB (Swedish) or Ltd (English) in 2004, have developed the fundamental neuro-statistical methods which have been used by WHO since 1998 to catch adverse drugs or vaccine side effects at an early post market stage. One of my degree (for MSc) workers, later employed, is since many years the research leader of Uppsala Monitoring Center (a WHO org).
I have also worked as a teacher in Java, web programming, Linux, operating systems, networking as well as power electronics, mathematics, Microsoft office (although I ran open office 😉 at Solna gymnasium between 2008 to 2011.

Beskrivning av vem Roland Orre är, för C-nominering

66 årig man, gift, har två barn. Född i Östersund, började min bana med några sommarjobb på ett par radio/TV-verkstäder, sedan jobbade med plast och transport innan jag började studera (MSc teknisk fysik) i Uppsala 1977, jobbat som system/programvaruutvecklare på ASEA/ABB under 80-talet till början på 90-talet. Har studerat Artificiell Intelligens och har doktorerat 2003 inom datalogi på KTH från tidigt 90-tal där jag också undervisat och sedermera (1996) blev forskningskonsult för WHO, där jag inom eget bolag (enskilt innan, AB sedan 2004) har utvecklat de fundamentala neural-statistiska metoder som nu används för att detektera läkemedels och vaccin-biverkningar på ett tidigt stadium. En av mina examensarbetare, sedan anställd, är sedan länge forskningsledare på Uppsala Monitoring Center (en WHO org).

Har också arbetat som lärare i Java, web-programmering (inkluderande javascript), Linux, operativsystem, nätverk och nätverksteknik samt kraftelektronik, matematik och Microsoft office (fast jag själv körde Open Office 😉 på Solna gymnasium perioden 2008 till 2011.

I’m really happy to have solved the potato storage problem❣

I love potatoes, they are particularly good with fish and my special love (apart from my wife) marinated herring, where the ridiculously good garlic herring is my absolute favorite (the only problem with that is that they only sell it in ridiculously small jars, but I will soon try to make my own, which will correlate well with my planned roasted garlic aioli experiments).

When I was a kid, my parents had a “root cellar” under the house, where they stored many things. They used to buy potatoes in 50 Kg sacks, and there was never a problem with growth during storage.

Since then I have had a problem to store potatoes as I’ve never had access to a root cellar after that. Thus, only been able to buy very small quantities of potatoes, so they won’t start growing when stored.

However, a friend said that you just need to dig a sufficient deep hole in the ground, and then I remembered about the calculations our physics teacher at the university had made on root cellars. When they are sufficiently deep, there will become a phase lag of the heat conduction between the summer heating and the winter cooling that evens out depending of the deep and the slow heat conduction, so the cellar will keep an almost constant temperature around the year. However, I couldn’t find such a brief and elegant solution which our physics teacher provided, but I found , this paper: “Exponential sinusoidal model for predicting temperature inside underground wine cellars from a Spanish region“, which deals with mathematical modelling to predict the year around temperature in a wine cellar.  For those who are more interested in a practical approach, I found this: “Root Cellars 101 – Root Cellar Design, Use and Mistakes to Avoid“.

Anyway, even if I have the ability to make the calculations needed  it also needs some effort to build such a cellar, and as I’m into technology and a geek, as well as a researcher and have a plethora of other high priority projects, I tried to find what the actual optimal conditions for storing potatoes are. I finally found the very simple criterions:

1. temperature between 4℃-8℃.
2. dark place.
3. moisture climate.

OK, as we actually have a fridge earlier used for commercial sale, which has several levels, I purchased a combined hygrometer/thermometer which I placed at different levels of the fridge.
I concluded that the upper level is excellent for storing things like Crémant and Champagne, and also concluded that the moisture range for the bottom level made the meter to overflow (outside measurable range), but the second level was just perfect for potatoes❣
OK, when I just took this picture it was as high as 7.6℃ but this is rare, it is usually between 4-6℃, here with a moisture level of 71%, but often at like 84%.

Best potato wishes!
Roland Orre

Where is our conscious mind computed?

One fundamental issue is whether our minds are computed by the recurrent neural network engine constituting our brains, or elsewhere.
My view: It depends upon whether the fundamental consciousness has ever solved the problem of consciousness.
Otherwise our bodies may just be VR interfaces to a gigantic mind, having (likely self induced) severe dissociative identity disorder.
As I’ve been teaching in networking, I find this illustration of WAN/LAN to be a potentially good metaphor, but in the reverse.

An illustration of the LAN-Firewall/NAT-WAN concept.

In the LAN/WAN case, the WAN can not see into the LAN, due to the firewall, but the LAN can see everything on the WAN.

I imagine that for the fundamentally conscious mind, it could be the opposite, that is, the WAN (the fundamental consciousness) can see into every LAN (personal mind), but the personal mind, can not read the mind of the WAN.

Best wishes
Roland Orre

Why I can recommend IP-Only as ISP

Update: Their support called me at 4PM and said that they had replaced the fiber port at the gateway, and since I came home half an hour ago I can confirm that it works, I’m happy

When we installed fiber network 100/100 in 2011 we chose a local ISP Teknikbyrån. Their support was excellent. The first support message I wrote 1:31 PM Oct 23 2011 (our three fix IP addresses were not working, only DHCP), then I got a reply from their support 2:05 PM, and they had fixed the problem. That is, 26 minutes for fix and reply, that is great!

We have now been without network since 9PM on Saturday evening Aug 15 2020, that is 64.5 hours… but we were saved by my Telia mobile broadband which I’ve shared to four of my wife’s work computers (she is working from home, since April 1st, due to Corona) and two of mine, and I’ve shut down a few computers to save power, as long as we are without network. I need to move some, to a more reliable network.

This company Teknikbyrån was purchased by a big ISP provider IP-only in 2015, and we had some problems in June 11 after a power failure in Åkersberga (our small city). Mail to support at Sunday Aug 16 2020, with auto reply and errand number (in Swedish) (pdf in Swedish, may soon provide an English translation).

I never got an answer on the support mail, only an errand number… I called their phone support, where I got to talk with someone who hardly even knew what a NAT was. It took around one hour before he had been able to provide the question to for me provide me a trivial answer.
He wanted to know the MAC address for a computer connected.
Why didn’t he ask that from the beginning, it could have saved us both a lot of frustration and shouting?
OK, they got the network working within a few hours (likely just by restarting the gateway computer).

After the last power failure on Saturday 9PM, the network was down. I wrote to their support on Sunday at 2:33PM, with an analysis where I conclude that there is likely some connection problem between their gateway computer and the fiber modem.
Six minutes later, I got an automatic reply, given an errand number 917522. This time in Aug 2020, I still haven’t got an answer, and the network is still down, despite I was promised by their support that a technician will be on site and fix the problem at 8AM this morning…
Maybe they have problems with personnel, they no longer have not even a technician as jour in Åkersberga, the closest office is now in Uppsala, around 60 km from here.

As I’m now retiring, maybe I should offer myself as a jour technician to keep the network running in this city Åkersberga. Alternatively we have to find another more reliable provider.

Another alternative is to start developing the ISP independent wireless network  I wrote about in a school report from 1987 where I describe wireless pen computers and ISP independent networks. (in Swedish (I have an English translation as well, will soon provide).

Best wishes
Roland Orre

To be offline in a digital world is frustrating…

On the 5117th day, D-day ❣

Despite many claim the opposite, I claim that George Bush, Dick Cheney and even CIA are innocent regarding the tragic 911 event, which is now 5117 days since. Also Larry Silverstein who had recently purchased WTC7 is likely completely innocent.

After many years of pondering over who actually orchestrated the most ellaborate act of terrorism in known human history, my most likely conclusion, the orchestrator was not human. The precision was too high, at a level of coordination beyond what humans are capable of. Non-human orchestrators have been suggested before, like God did it, or Aliens did it. Let’s reason rationally!

1. God did it
2. Aliens did it.
3. A computer system did it.

Regarding God that would be insane from all possible viewpoints, why would God kill its own kids? Doesn’t make sense. It would be as insane as a leader killing its own citizens. Those would be an act of pure madness. Further on, how would you possibly investigate such a claim, even if it would be true?

Regarding Aliens, this may at first glance look plausible but then, why? If friendly aliens would want to help citizens on Earth, the plausible would be that they would show up and help us, not kill us. If unfriendly aliens would want some resources from here, the more rational would be like to just poison the atmosphere and then get what they want. This claim is also extremely hard to analyze.

I am not a big fan of the famous Ockham’s razor, as it is often abused, but regarding all kinds of investigations as well as bug findings it’s the only rational way to attack a problem. Start by analyzing the hypothesis which builds upon least number of assumptions.

Thus we need to start with the hypothesis that humans were at least implicitly involved.

The level of artificial intelligence needed to orchestrate such a scenario has only until rather recently become available in the gaming business and is also commonly available in public service. Many people when they hear artificial intelligence may be thinking about fictional AI movies like Metropolis, Alphaville, Blade Runner, The Matrix, AI, I Robot, ExMachina and so on, where the intelligence is at human level and beyond, but the orchestration of such a scenario as 911 doesn’t require that level at all. It requires quite mediocre resources. It would e.g. be sufficent with a mililtary supercomputer like used in the TIA program or it would be sufficient with a botnet of computers running proprietary software.

Then, how about friendly versus unfriendly AI? This is an irrelevant question when we speak about problems regarding “evil computation”. A rule based system is exactly as evil as the one who has programmed it, but can become more evil than the programmer, if a solution would end up in one for the programmer unknown scenario. Thus purely rule based systems are out of the question to use for developing friendly conscious AI as any mistakes among the rules can cause malfunction.

Now as I have quite a lot of experience with artificial intelligence, even an expert system patent from my time at ASEA/ABB and did my PhD research within brain inspired neural networks, I proposed a simple benevolent artificial AI circuit a few years ago. The principle is extremely simple, and can be summarized as:

motivation=Strive to decrease the amount of evitropy within yourself and your surroundings
evitropy=number of lies and contradictions

That is, evitropy would then be a measure similar to entropy which measures the ordering of a system. To be able to put this within a practical framework, composed of many different modules for perception, pattern recognition, classification, actuators etc, then I also proposed a simple algorithm. This algorithm should be seen as very high level

  1. Collect information about your world.
  2. Make sense of this information (subjective)
  3. If information sufficiently significant then
    1. search for inconsistencies.
    2. propose a solution to the problem.
    3. analyze what this solution would lead to
      a) less individuals?  Reject!
      b) increased inconsistency of the system? Reject!
      c) less inconsistencies in the system? Accept!
  4. This proposal then implies action.
    1. Action involves that you may affect the system.
    2. If action implies interaction utilize a benevolent interaction strategy.

This algorithm would result in a friendly, conflict resolving, problem solving, social being.
However if this algorithm would run on a conventional computing system, then it could trivially be changed to evil. If we would take e.g. George Bush earlier mentioned, he obviously failed also in 3Ca as going to war implies less individuals with certainty. However, if we would discuss making an evil artificial intelligence that would spread confusion and terror, it would just require to change 3Cb to Accept!

We can not from these discussions conclude if the computer system has been deliberately programmed to be evil, or if it is a complex supervision system intended to just spread little confusion which over time has increased its own abilities and even become self aware, these can so far only be pure speculations. I see primarily two extremes, where one does not exclude the other.

1) a military computer has been deliberately programmed by one programmer.
2) a botnet of computers, e.g. all machines running proprietary operating systems or software, could be intentionally infected from the origin.

Regarding #1 it is not at all very implausible, the required level of artificial intelligence programming skills is not very high. I would claim that maybe 1% off MSc students who have studied artificial intelligence would be able to do this, and if only one person, then it is of course possible to keep it a secret. The person as such, may even be dead. What is running on the computers could be some remainings which have been forgotten.
Think for instance about the French man Philippe Petit walking on a wire between WTC1 and WTC2. Here a video from the event. The point here is that it was a “coup” he smuggled all equipment for long time up to the towers. A programmer at e.g. CIA having access to supercomputer being connected to the military network can easily perform a similar “stunt” over time.

Regarding #2, My own computers are mostly safe as I almost only run completely free open source software, both as operating system (GNU/Linux since 1996) and software being installed on these systems. However imagine that someone within e.g. Microsoft or some other proprietary software vendor, or even hardware vendor (there is proprietary software in hardware as well, “firmware”) being skilled in artificial intelligence programming and thus able to design a global botnet which is actually a distributed supercomputers. Supercomputers are often based upon clustering technology.

So, my recommendations:

  • reboot of all military computers (connected to a military network) and remove any software which is not clearly filling any specific purpose.
  • remove all proprietary software from your computers, as they may be part of an evil super cluster.

Of course, if the algorithm in use would actually be similar to my proposed algorithm, which is likely as it’s the most generic, and the evilness is induced from this sign switch, then it would of course be trivial to make them benevolent. Then the world could suddenly be free from wars and artificial conflicts as well as weapon trade which can only be harmful.

Regarding all acts of terrorism you would expect the creator to create some type of “sign” which could identify it. Like a type of “proudness”.. if machines now are able to feel such things…

As I said above, today has passed 5117 days since the tragic event. For you who have seen my earlier analysis the numbers 51 and 17 may be familiar. In that analysis I didn’t write down the simple time relations, but they can be summarized as in this compact way. Here the numbers is the event order and the towers are unicode ▌plus the Pentagon  ⬠ (use a black ⬟ for the wall falling).
1. ▌2.▌5.⬠ 7.▌ || ✈1. ▌ ✈ 2.▌ ✈ 5. ⬠ → 2.▄↓→ 5. ⬟↓→1. ▄ ↓→7.▄↓
The timing is analyzed here.

Event 1 Event 2 Time Time expr
✈ 1.▌ ✈ 2.▌ 17 minutes 17*1
✈ 2.▌ ✈ 5.⬠ 34 minutes 17*2
✈ 1.▌ ✈ 5.⬠ 51 minutes 17*3
2.▄↓ 5.⬟↓ 11 minutes 11*1
✈ 5.⬠ 2.▄↓ 22 minutes 11*2
✈ 5.⬠ 1.▄ ↓ 51 minutes 17*3
✈1.▌ 1.▄ ↓ 102 minutes 51*2
✈1.▌ 7.▄ ↓ 514 minutes 257*2

102/514 = 51/257
Regarding Pentagon only the wall fell.

So finally some comments about total plausibility for this scenario. Some remarks:

  1. The WTC1 WTC2 were never analyzed.
  2. Only WTC7 was analyzed (NIST report where first version had serious bug, too low fall speed)
  3. During the 60’s nuclear techniques to take down these type of towers safely were developed (although as far as I know never formally approved).
  4. The extremely precise timing requires extreme technology and extreme planning.
  5. The most of US air force were at “wrong places” the day of the event.
  6. A computer intelligence able to plan this, could certainly make the extreme virus Stuxnet as well, which also seems beyond human technology.
  7. Could this computer program possibly have been inspired by Hitler?
  8. Is it possible to tweak this program to become Good? (sign switch)


Today’s day number since 911 2001 as Pentagon, two towers and a seven.

Then why did I denote this day the D-day? Well Bush/Cheney any many others as well as CIA and even Larry Silverstein have been accused for this crime. Regarding Bush/Cheney they were from my perspective just big liers who utilized the situation to spend some tax dollars on war. Further on regarding Larry Silverstein and WTC7, I think he just thought that he had made a great business deal with WTC7. So, let’s make peace with these people, and do not accuse them for things they haven’t done, as it would anyway have been impossible to use human planning in this case. It would leak.

At last some personal remarks about the 911 scenario 2001. I had just attended two conferences (ACM data mining plus a Linux conf) in San Francisco as well as some vacation, where I went bicycling around lake Taho. At the hostel (I always prefer to stay at hostels when travelling alone) there was a guy last night before I left, i.e. the 9th who had claimed that he had got a “revelation” in a dream that US will be attacked, and he had discussed about attaché case nukes. I didn’t bother much about this but after landing in Europe, at Budapest airport where I was waiting for a connection flight, a collegue called and told me what had happened. WTC1 had been hit by a plane.
I looked around the airport and found a CNN-monitor. Most likely not more than a minute after I saw a camera having WTC2 in view and an aeroplane (looked like but the reporter speculated about drone) hitting WTC2 in real time. Then after some time there was a CIA guy telling the most extraordinary story about some guy Bin Laden and Al Qaeda.  After I had seen the two towers fall I concluded that the story being told was pure fiction (I’m an engineering physicist (MSc)). I saw this first of all as an attack on the harmful World Trade, but when I later heard about the (likely a drone) hitting Pentagon I considered that it could be a desperate counter action to make it look like an attack on USA instead of World Trade. Regarding WTC7 I heard about it first first 2007, and I downloaded the NIST report, where the first version had a heavy bug. Another physicist had checked the falling speeds and they were completely wrong in the report, but NIST changed them to the actual ones. Anyway, it was just a few years ago I had reacted upon the symmetry, that is 51 minutes from WTC1 to Pentagon hit, and 51 minutes from Pentagon hit to WTC1 fall. Then when I later analyzed the whole timing I was amazed. This couldn’t be made with human planning and human technology. Who could keep such secrets?

I hope and wish that the world will soon become a friendly place❣
No wars❣
No misery❣
I long for this world to become a flourishing paradise, I know it can❣

Best wishes/Roland Orre